SARAH IKARD has over 20 years marketing and sales experience—16 years as an entrepreneur. She specializes in helping small businesses engage their best customer base in the most cost efficient way.



Substance vs. Style


What you sayabout your business is more important than what your logo, web site, social media pages, or business cards look like. Your ideal customer cares most about substance, not style. It's the stories you tell, the stories your customers tell, and the benefits you provide that ultimately attract your best customer base and turn them into word-of-mouth ambassadors.

priority #1 is to help you put substance into words with the right value statements and stories (Substance Lab). With the right words established, the right style naturally emerges and I can then help you develop a visual palette of imagery that best reflects this style (Style Lab). Then I help you determine the most effective ways to apply these brand essentials (Application Lab).

the "labs" are one-on-one workshops where we work together to concoct your brand essentials within a few hours. It's not that you don't know what your marketing should say or look like, it's just that you appreciate some professional guidance to get it done right—and much quicker than if you go at it alone.

Who benefits: Small Businesses — Startups • Side Hustles • Seasoned ...that know who their best customer base is and the type of key influencers in that market ...that want to consistently strengthen their best customer base in the most cost effective way ...that really want to stand out from the competition ...that appreciate the long-game strategy for building a credible reputation.