SARAH IKARD has over 20 years marketing and sales experience—16 years as an entrepreneur. She specializes in helping small businesses engage their best customer base in the most cost efficient way.


About Me

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Favorite part of a typical day:
I love that no day is typical for me. I am thankful for the opportunity to work at home some days and connect with customers in person on other days. My favorite part of any day is when a child makes me laugh. A great day also means I've helped make life easier for someone or helped them succeed in some way.

I'm thankful to be able to play year-round co-ed softball in the Valley of the Sun. My job is also a hobby because of all the creative latitude. I really love the outdoors—especially camping in the pines. A motto for any day of the week: Good food + Good Company = Great Memories. And life wouldn't be complete without the perspective gained by entertaining and caring for kids.

Favorite reads:
The Great Gatsby • The Road Less Traveled • Anything written by Malcolm Gladwell • Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a Word That Can't Stop Talking (this book changed my life!) • Books about my faith • Entrepreneur and Inc. magazine • Communication Arts magazine

Favorite movie(s):
The Natural • Shawshank Redemption • Forrest Gump • all the Rocky flicks • Lots of 80s movies! • Christmas Vacation • Napoleon Dynamite

Favorite music:
Anything that sounds good, makes me move, or touches my heart.

Skill(s) I'd most like to improve:
Tennis, doing math in my head, Spanish, playing the piano, sewing.

Dream vacation:
Tops on my list: Ireland, a road trip up the California coast, an RV trip around the US, and any secluded island with crystal-blue ocean water.

Guilty pleasures:
Talent competitions on TV, Milli Vanilli, bologna and cheese sandwiches, and birthday cake flavored ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.

Pet peeve(s):
Wasted food, squandered opportunities, words that start with the letter P.

Things I can't live without:
Choices • memories • a dishwasher • AdvoCare Spark energy drink • a comfortable bed • a dog for a pet

Favorite quote:
If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Advice to young people:
Seek truth beyond definition and tradition.

People that made a difference in my professional career:

  • Mom and Dad - raised me right, filled my heart and mind with truth and goodness, instilled in me the right amount of confidence, and let me choose my own path.
  • Charles McCoy | Junior high teacher - taught me a math trick that I use nearly everyday in my business (really the only thing I remember from math beyond the basics).
  • Bobbie Brown | Manager at my first job in high school - taught me to take initiative.
  • Dad - drove me to my first advertising sales appointment for the high school newspaper, and then pep-talked me into actually going inside when I was frozen with fear. ...and who is still the best example of professional grit and salesmanship.
  • Jean Franovich | High school publications adviser - her dedication to preparing me for success and leadership means the world to me.
  • Uncle Joe McCord - kindly gave me my first real-world advertising sales job.
  • Everyone in the Technical Publications Unit at Motorola Computer Group 1997-2001 - collectively gifted me with HTML coding and other employability skills that have always given me an edge.
  • Rebecca Barker and Walt Snover - managers who led with grace and autonomy, always having my best interest at heart.